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On_TouchStart not followed by On_TouchUp


I'm having trouble with some of the touch controls on a trackpad. I've designed a game for touchscreen devices and everything EasyTouch works great. I'm trying to port to a desktop or laptop version and I'm having some issues with the same EasyTouch controls.

The primary issue comes from tap events. On my MacBook pro I have the trackpad set to register light taps (those that don't give an audible click of the trackpad). On_TouchStart registers fine with these events, but the problem is that it is not followed by an On_TouchUp when the finger is released. Moreover, when I tap the trackpad lightly, On_TouchStart registers as does On_TouchDown, but On_TouchDown never turns off (my debug string prints every frame) until the next tap event.

Is there a work around?


EasyTouch is expected for devuice with touch screens, are use on trackpad or other is not guaranteed and serves as a debubgging.

Compared to what you tell me, it seems that the detection of the touchup does not work, that's why you continuously receive the down. Do you try to make a simple debug script with just debug log in the different event ?

Yes, it is clear that TouchUp is not working properly with the trackpad. I have been debugging it. Touchstart works just fine, but touchup and touchdown are not working properly.


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